Sunday, December 18, 2021

Hosts: Ted Fox and Andrya Duff

Miriam Schacter, Founder of danceFIT dance ABILITIES is a trained dance fitness choreographer, neuro trauma-oriented psychotherapist-in-supervision and teacher for Dancing With Parkinsons. With her is Twyla Kowalenko,Community Outreach Director of Dance Our Way Home. Both are Founders of thedanceWELL to foster and strengthen a community for healing dance/movement practitioners.
Howard Richard, Director of Creation for the National Circus School in Montreal, talks about the school's annual recruitment tour across Canada in which the school selects the young circus artists of tomorrow. They will receive a general academic education recognized by the Ministry of Education and world-calibre circus arts training. The school has a Foundation Bursary Program open to all full time students, both Canadian and international.Candidates must submit an application on or before January 15, 2022 and pass an Entrance Examination (audition) during the month of February in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and now in Paris and Buenos Aires. Application forms and further information can be found at, by e-mailing or by calling toll-free at 1-800-267-0859. Interviews, in French and English, are available with School representatives, graduates  and students.