Sunday, January 16, 2022

Co-Host Samara Thompson, who is on the Board of Directors of Dance Ontario, Dancer Elke Schroeder and Choreographer Angelica Scanurra talk about the Dance Ontario Dance Weekend'11 taking place Jan 21-23 at Fleck Dance Theatre, 207 Queens Quay West. Features 28 fabulous dance companies. Presented in association with Harbourfront Centre Next Steps 10/11.  Review of book at  

Choreographer Angela Blumberg on Global Excerpts--New Choreographies by York MFA Candidates taking place Jan 21 & 22 at 8pm and Jan 23 2pm at Hub 14, 14 Markham Street.

Jacqui Haas, Athletic Trainer for the Cincinnati Ballet since 1989 and Director of the Dance Medicine Division of Wellington Orthopedics Therapy Services in Cincinnati.  Talks about her book Dance Anatomy published by Human Kinetics. Introduces young dancers to the fields of anatomy and kinesiology.  Features illustrated anatomical drawings. Reviewed on