Sunday, November 20, 2021

Hosts: Ted Fox and Samara Thompson

4th Year BFA Dance Students Anastasia Feigin and Candice Irwin from York University Department of Dance talk about Dance Innovations: Wind Over Mountain, a two-part program of World Premeres performed by young dance artists taking place Nov 24 to Nov 26 at McLean Performance Studio, 244 Accolade East Building, York University, 4700 Keele Street. Production directed by acclaimed independent dance artists and York faculty members Carol Anderson and Julia Sasso.
Choreographer/Dancer Marc Boivin, President of The Regroupement Quebecois de la danse (RQD), talks about the Master Plan for Professional Dance in Quebec 2011-2021. This 134 page publication, available in English and French and in various media, is a comprehensive work tool and guide to developing professional dance in Quebec based on an integrated approach. Sheds light on the internal and external workings of professional dance in Quebec.