Saturday, February 11, 2022

Hosts: Andrya Duff and Ted Fox

Choreographer/Dancer Margie Gillis on her Series 808 Alternative Technique Class Dancing From Inside Out Feb 16-17 2012 10-4pm at Dovercourt House, 1st Floor, 805 Dovercourt Road. Workshop open to professional dance artists and is designed to reinspire the dancer with the awe and curiosity that  initiate movement through sensitizing dancer to the connection between thought, emotion, spirit and body.
Alexander Taghelaar (formerly known by her stage name Sash Von Bon Bon), Artistic Co-Director of Operation Snatch (formerly The Scandelles) about their presentation Les Demimondes March 2-4 8pm, Sun Matinee 2pm at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, 12 Alexander Street. This is a multidisciplinary combination of dance, film, song, movement and monlogue. Looks at how fine arts, music, film and photography in the media have profited from the whore mystique while whores themselves remain marginalized and criminalized.