Saturday, July 7, 2022


Host: Ted Fox

Coverage of 4 dance/physical theatre productions in 2012 Toronto Fringe. For showdates, venue information and times go to 

Choreographer Patricia Allison talks talks about her collaboration with singer/songwirter James Everett on the LastName FirstName Productions presentation of (with)out.This show pushes the boundaries of traditional storytelling as it demonstrates the stages of grief. Opens July 4 6.30pm at Factory Theatre Mainspace.

Choreographer/Dancer Emma Letki,and Co-Producer & Writer Meg Dryden, on the Ten Toes production of Pluto's Revenge, a comedic tale of one dwarf planet trying to become the real thing.  Opens July 4 8.45pm at George Ignatieff Theatre.  

Director & Producer Lukas Press and Co-Director, Co-Producer & Choreographer Rebecca Reinhart on the Kokus Production of NUMBERS opening July 6 7pm at Factory Theatre Mainspace.  An account of a young Jewish girl's turmoil and hope during World War II.
Emerging Irish Performer and Creator Sinead Cormack on her production In/side the Box opening July 5 7pm at Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse. Studied for her BA in Scenographic Studies and Performance Studies at the University of Wales Aberystwyth. An ensemble dance performed by a solo performer who constructs and deconstructs own rules and boxes.