Saturday, June 22, 2022

Host: Andrya Duff
Dancer Tamara Harris on the presentation of DABDA, an original coming-of-age story of seven affluent teenagers in the 1940s, a multi-disciplinary, multi-media storytelling experience in dance form. Shows July 5-14 2013 in the Toronto Fringe Festival at the Factory Theatre Mainspace, 125 Bathurst Streeet (Bathurst at Adelaide).

Choreographer Hanna Kent on the Skindivers Dance Company production of Piece of Mind featuring three pieces that present life through the eyes of women on the edge. Shows July 3-13 in the Toronto Fringe Festival at Robert Gill Theatre, 214 College Street, 3rd Floor (St. George St. Entrance).

Emily Law, Choreographer and Gemini and Dora Award-nominated dancer, and Dancer Ashley Perez, co-founders of a new company, Mix Mix Dance Collective, on their Toronto Fringe Festival presentation of Jack Your Body, showing July 5-13 2013 at Randolph Theatre, 736 Bathurst Street.