Saturday, August 9, 2021

Hosts: Ted Fox and Malgorzata Nowacka

Choreographers and Performers of Dance/Physical Theatre works in SummerWorks Festival 2014 taking place in various venues in Toronto August 7 to 17th. Go to links for details of each piece, times and venues:
Curator/Choreographer Jacob Niedzwieki, also Filmmaker and creative Technologist, based in Toronto. Talks about his work Jacqueries.The audience follows individual performers from scene to scene through urban locations, linked by a custom iPhone app playing synchronized sound and showing 3D video overlays. With a score by multiple Dora award-winning composer John Gzowski and “eye-popping” augmented-reality video.
Performer Michelle Pollak and Director Bruce Barton on Trace, a ghost telling, a haunting created collaboratively by two performers and a small group of audience members. A sequence of intimate interactions unfolds in a shared space, each linked to and contaminated by all those that precede it. The audience enters a world that has been emptied of – and by – its past. In each performance a unique story is then woven out of memories, traces of experience, offered to and by those who attend. Audience members are invited to join their own ghosts with those of the performers in a collective grasp at a visceral yet intangible past.
Creator/Performer Linnea Swan on The Re-View Project which turns a critical eye towards the ‘art’ of the review.
Trenchant wit, irony, and sarcasm are used to expose and discredit the folly of believing other peoples' opinions.