Sara does a Solo in Summerworks


Sara does a Solo

Pia Bouman ScotiaBank Theatre

Showing: Auguest 4-14

Performance, Choreography, Text:  Sara Porter


In Sara does a Solo Sara Porter talks about her life in a way that feels candid, honest and true. This is, however, belied as she tells us that she may have false memory syndrome and has decided to live her life as a fictional character.

She feels she is a tense person as she cannot also decide whether she exists in the present tense or is it the past, or maybe future conditional or....?

Porter speaks, moves and dances with a quirky whimsicality that reflects her lightness of being in the moment in the intimate space of the Pia Bouman theatre space. 

Burying her head in a trunk like an ostrich in the sand, she pulls out various costumes and magically transforms herself into a fantasy of actually being a singing superstar.

Katherine Duncanson, noted vocal director, and Gerry Trentham, noted choreographer, are vocal and creative consultants on this production. Lovely tracks of music by Mary Margaret O'Hara and Chopin are played throughout.

An amusing and compelling combination of dance, storytelling and stand-up comedy, Sara does a Solo is highly entertaining and at the end quite emotional.