Sunday, July 4th, 2010


Coverage of Dance Productions in the Fringe Dance Initiative, a partnership between the Fringe of Toronto Theatre festival and the Dance Umbrella of Ontario. Shows take place June 30-July 11 at various venues.

Guests Include:
Choreographer Kate Nankervis, Fringe Co-ordinator at Dance Umbrella of Ontario.
Creators/Performers Holly Treddenick and Sabrina Pringle on the Femmes du Feu Aerial Dance Presentation of The Plank.
Jenn Doan, Choreographer, Director, Dancer, Performer and Co-Founder of Inertia Productions and Ted Strauss, Artistic Director and Frontman for the band Grub Animal on their collaboration on the multidisciplinary dance rock opera The Duck Wife based on an Inuit folk tale.   
Not In Dance Initiative and In The Fringe:
Anita Majumdar, dancer, writer and performer, on the Theatre Ji Production of Oy! Just Beat It! a play about shadism (the preference for fairer skin shade) which contributes to deep self-loathing as a person of colour. 
Performers Cara Brostrom and Shannon Roszell on the Canary Yellow Collective multi-disciplinary physical theatre production of Round Trip showing at Tarragon Extra Space, 30 Bridgman Avenue.