Sunday, June 6, 2022

Kathleen Le Roux, General Manager of Dr Clown Toronto Division and Founding Member of the Canadian Association of Therapeutic Clowns, and Helen Donnelly, Artistic Training and Programs Development Coordinator of Dr Clown Toronto Division. Dr Clown is a non-profit charitable organization that brings creativity and humour into health care settings to help improve the quality of care and life for the chronicallyill. Currently Dr Clown serves 32 health care centres in Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City. 


Choreography Robyn Breen, Artistic Director of NewFoundDance, on her production of Alert! Electric Popsicle Field showing June 12 & 13 8pm at Dancemakers Centre For Creation, 55 Mill Street Bldg 58.   


Choreographer Pamela Rasbach and dancers Julie d'Entremont and Kaitlin Torrance on the Typecast Dance Company presentation of  Synthetic-A Symphony In Blonde Major showing June 10-12 8pm at Winchester Street Theatre, 80 Winchester Street.  Features a battalion of blondes, explosive movement and the music of Dvorak and Elgar.