Sunday, January 9, 2022

Choreographers Sasha Ivanochko, Susanna Hood and Susie Burpee on Connect T.O., a four day festival dedicated to the promotion of the Toronto dance scene to the national and international art market.  Spearheaded by blackandblue dance projects, adelheild dance projects, hum dansoundart and Susie Burpee. Takes place January 12-15 2011 at various venues.
[Due to a technical glitch, Susanna Hood's short bio is missing from the beginning of the podcast.]
Choreographer/Dancer/Dramaturge Lee Su-Feh on her workshop Observing and Adjusting taking place Jan 22-23 10am-4.15pm at Dovehouse Dance Ballroom, 805 Dovercourt Road, 2nd Floor.  Su-Feh uses a somatic approach to discover and map out the spaces in and around the body to reveal a space that is sentient and in partnership with the body.