Sunday, May 29, 2022

(Shannon Gillen, announced at the top of the show, was replaced at the last minute by Davy Bisaro with Sylvie Bouchard staying on as co-host.) 

Audra Simmons, Artistic Director of Lavish Dance & The Dark Side Studio, on their premiere of Affogato showing June 3&4 at the George Ignatieff Theatre in Toronto, June 10-18 in Montreal's Fringe and June 25 in Wakefield. Explores themes of isolation, immersion and recovery.
Choreographer/Actress Sylvie Bouchard of BoucharDanse on Theatre La Tangente's creation L'Implorante (The Implorer) showing June 6-11 at Glendon College, 2275 Bayview Ave. Bouchard plays a choreographer who works on choreographic movements inspired by sculptress Camille Claudel's sculpture L'Implorante and begins confusing her own self with that of the sculptress. Claudel was committed in 1913 at age 49. Project contrasts the immobility of a body deprived of liberty, the suspended movement of a sculpture and the body moving through time and space.
Davy Bisaro, a choreographer from British Columbia, who recently returned to Canada from Chicago and now lives in Toronto. Talks about the creation in Chicago of her choreography for Liliya Lifanova's Anatomy is Destiny, based on a chess game played by Marcel Duchamp against his female alter-go. This show will be reworked and shown in a chess museum in St. Louis in January 2012. Describes her process in Toronto creating Fearful Ghost, a piece in which she plays with light, using semicircular gloves covered with asymmetrical pieces of broken glass, pointed at with handheld LED flashlights.