Saturday, June 14, 2022

Host: Ted Fox
Wandering Eye Radical Filmmakers Ayelen Liberona and Joseph Johnson-Cami on their 60-minute immersive film and concert experience The Shift, taking place June 17 2014, 8:00pm at Drake Underground, 1150 Queen Street West. Bridges documentary, experimental, dance film and music video genres. Films feature Dance Artist Margie Gillis. Live musc by Music in the Barns Chamber Ensemble and LAL's politcally charged electronic music.
Dance Artist and Teacher Suzanne Liska, Co-Artistic Director of Flightworks and Co-Founder of the aLOFT Project. Specializing in dance improvisation since 1998, she teaches Contact Improv Dance and Spontaneous Composition (Improv Ensemble Dance). Suzanne is a faculty teacher at the Randolph Academy for Performing Arts. With Liska is Susan Sinclair,Director of Sinclair Studio, where she has maintained a private practice teaching Alexander Technique and the Pilates Method for over 20 years, and has directed her Alexander Technique Teacher Training Program since 2003. Talks about AIM Alexander Technique Informed Movement, taking place Saturday June 21 2014, Sinclair Studio, 151 Markham Street.