Saturday, June 28, 2022

Host: Samara Thompson
Choreographers/Dancers  Miles Gosse and Denise Solleza  on the Half Second Echo presentation of Presents: OUT TO LUNCH. At Toronto Fringe Festival July2-13 2014. Echo is a Toronto-based contemporary dance collective that serves as a platform for the creative exploration of the moving body. Founded by seven emerging dance artists (Justine Comfort, Monika Davis, Sarah Dowhun, Miles Gosse, Niko Markasis and Melina Pereira) from York University. Click on link for venue, dates and times.
Melisse Watson, Writer, Director, Dancer and Founder of Knot Rivals Company talks about her first production,  I Was Born White. Taking place at Toronto Fringe Festival  July 2-13 2014. Watson is a poly racial black, Cherokee creole-identified queer artist. The company looks to create work that challenges pre-set ideas and prejudices, as well as inspiring and voicing stories that are not often told.
Author Miriam Giguere on her book Beginning Modern Dance, a text and web resource that introduces undergraduate and high school students to modern dance as a performing art through participation, appreciation, and academic study in the dance technique course. Over 80 photos and video clips of modern dance techniques. Miriam Giguere holds a BA in psychology and an MS in Education from the University of Pennsylvania and a PhD in dance from Temple University. Dr. Giguere has directed the dance program at Drexel University since 1992.