Saturday, September 20, 2021

Hosts: Ted Fox and Malgorzata Nowacka
Heidi Strauss, Artistic Director of adelheid dance projects, on the World Premiere ofelsewhere, a DanceWorks presentation. Runs September 25-27 at Harbourfront Centre Theatre. elsewhere takes inspiration from the anthropological concept of "affect-- our human capacity to affect, or be affected.
Apolonia Velasquez and Ofilio Sinbadinho, Artistic Directors of Gadfly, on the TUDS Festival of Urban Dance Culture, Canada’s only urban dance festival, returning for its 5th year to raise the profile of urban dance culture and talent in Canada. This five-day one-of-a-kind dance festival brings together more than 400 participants and Canada’s best urban dance artists.
Holistic Psychotherapist and Educator Melanie Rosen, who is passionate about the power ofPLAY! With an innovative and interdisciplinary approach she allows people to gain new awareness, discovering their own value in the process of a creative experience. Director of Creative Roots, she talks about movement therapy.