Little Fires (Toronto Fringe Festival)

Little Fires
Choreographers: Lucy Rupert and Karissa Fyrrar
Begins with Lucy Rupert's piece The animals are planning an intervention. As Rupert dances, her body language repeatedly morphs into embedded animal memories. Movements and pauses flow together seamlessly, including a leaping monkey or gorilla on its haunches. Rupert scratches repeatedly throughout, humorously suggesting they have fleas.
Towards the end I sense that due to Rupert occasionally glancing at us, we are looking into a zoo cage and the animals are registering an awareness of us. Are they intervening with her permission, or are they in control? The violin/cello soundscape is beautifully compelling.
Choreographer Karissa Fyrrar's A Pocketful of Matches begins with women standing in a line, perhaps waiting to get into a club. Each appears bored, uncomfortable, irritated, and judgemental of each other. We are then zoned out to give us insight into how each sees herself in relation to the others.
The movement is quirky and unique, tightly locking and unlocking. One segment has one doing fashion model or cheesecake poses, with the others forming an interlocking frame around her. The facial expressions of the framers are priceless. This illustrates how the others feel about her. Another leaves the frame and seems to be looking for a way in. She seems to be an outsider quite a bit through this, including her involvement in their linear mass movements throughout.
Overall Little Fires is highly entertaining both in the choreographing and the hilarious facial reactions.