NO FUN in Summerworks




Showing: August 4-14, 2016

At the Factory Theatre Mainspace
125 Bathurst Street

Created by: Helen Simard in collaboration with the performers 
Interprété par/Performed by: Stéphanie Fromentin, Justin Gionet, Emmalie Ruest  et/and Rémy Saminadin, Todd Tolls, Roger White, Ted Yates 


The dancers in the interdisciplinary dance performance NO FUN perform spontaneously in the moment. They liberate themselves from all their schooled techniques and allow their pent-up emotions and raw primeval memories to possess them. 

Clown plays a strong role in this, particularly in the way they grimace and turn their faces into the grotesque and blackly comic. They resemble the dancing dead. Of course there is at least one cheerful red nose.

A highlight for me is a segment in which dancer Stéphanie Fromentin whirls and twists across the wide Factory Theatre stage.

The lighting design has the musicians performing live behind them in a greyish smokey darkness.

The guitarists and drummer interpret the concepts embedded in the music of Iggy Pop, fiercely washing the audience with waves of ear-piercing sound. The drummer pounds the drums in a way akin to a reefer madness frenzy. Broken with moments listening to the sound of silence.

In the end the dancers slowly take their time switching gender via costume changes, make-up and body language. One approaches the drummer with lipstick, who rejects it in a no no not me fashion. They quote snippets of text from past Iggy Pop interviews. A guitarist nods off occasionally,eyeing them in irritation because of how long they are taking.

Overall NO FUN is like watching a concert where stoned audience members are let loose on stage.

I found it amusing, fascinating and disturbing. Some of the images will live on in my body. Waiting to come out.