Wireless Connection

Wireless Connection 
Choreographers: Kylie Thompson and Amy Adams
Dancers: Amy Adams, Shawn Bracke, Rakeem Hardy, Sasha Ludavicious, Samantha Raymond, Kylie Thompson, Bianca Trulli, Understudy; Meg Duffy
Toronto Fringe Festival
July 1-20 2016
The Wireless Connection dancers come from a variety of different backgrounds. Result is a fusion of different dance styles like contemporary to hip hop to jazz. 
This piece highlights our growing obsession with technology, specifically cell phones and their effects on human interaction. 
The dancers initially move with cell phones clutched in their hands. The cell phones' bright glow on their faces creates an android look. Their body language is mechanical and disjointed. At times the phones lure others to them like moths. Word fragments projected through their bodies onto a screen behind them suggest that their bodies are bombarded and embedded with information overload.
At one point they become human, with no cell phones present. The result is spontaneous, free-flowing and joyful, unlike the neon darkness of before. But this is perhaps only a dream.

Overall, Wireless Connection is a vision of a our technological society so ingrained
within our bodies and minds that we too are becoming machines.
Choreographers Kylie Thompson and Amy Adams have created a fast-paced tightly choreographed thought-provoking work.