June 21st, 2009

Choreographers and dancers on their productions in the Fringe of Toronto Theatre Festival Dance Initiative program in partnership with Dance Umbrella of Ontario. Festival runs July 1 -12 at various venues.

Tanya Crowder, artistic director of HowDareShe Productions on their co-production with Thistle Dance Works of The Ascension / The Chronicles of Descent opening July 2nd at Robert Gill Theatre.
Sarah Yu, Meghan Cafferky and Geordan Coupland of the dance collective Alias Dance Project on thier production of  How To Make A Mix Tape opening July 4th at Tarragon Theatre.  www.aliasdanceproject.com 
Choreographer Lynndsey Larre and dancer Heather Berry on The Mercenary Dance Theatre presentation of The Hollow opening July 1 at Tarragon Mainspace.