Saturday, June 29, 2022

Host: Ted Fox 

Coverage of Dance/Physical Theatre works in the Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival 2013. These three shows are showing July 2-14 at Randolph Theatre, 736 Bathurst Street (south of Bloor). For more information and showtimes go to
Choreographers Angela Blumberg and Tracey Norman on their presentation "no permanent answers," showing July 5-14 2013.

Writer/Director Aaron Jan and Choreographer Cassandra Bowerman on the Hamilton youth company Fulcrum Theatre presentation of Here, choreographed by Cassandra Bowerman. Showing July 3-14 2013. Combines dance and multimedia elements to tell the story of a dancer who shreds a major ligament in her knee.

Ainsley Hillyard and Alida Niquist-Schultz on the Edmonton-based Good Women Dance Collective production of Fracture, showing July 5-14 2013. Two works exploring different states of fracture.